Mission/ Vision Statement

Our School Vision

We, at St Mary of the Cross, are an inclusive and welcoming Catholic Community of actively engaged learners.

We model Mary MacKillop’s servant leadership, to nurture compassionate and respectful individuals who translate their beliefs into action.

Our Mission

St. Mary of the Cross is a Catholic primary school in the Archdiocese of Melbourne that provides a comprehensive education within the parameters of a 21st-century framework.

To bring our vision to life we will:

  1. Ensure that it comes alive within the fabric of our school

  2. Recognise the charism of Mary MacKillop as a model of Christ in our midst

  3. Celebrate our Catholic faith, rituals, and traditions through liturgy, prayer, reflection, and


  4. Display Catholic iconography and symbols

  5. Make connections between Jesus, scripture, gospel values, and life

  6. Provide opportunities for social justice action for children, staff, and parents

  7. Develop and implement induction processes for students, families, and teachers

  8. Develop structures that provide opportunities for input, feedback, and review

  9. Provide a comprehensive curriculum that is available and accessible

  10. Work in partnership with families recognising their rights, responsibilities, and availability

  11. Create opportunities to celebrate the gifts, talents, and successes of our community

  12. Create opportunities for our community to explore and share their cultural and religious


  13. Build positive and professional relationships

  14. Develop authentic student voice

  15. Identify learning styles, needs, and passions

  16. Collect and interpret data to shape future learning

  17. Establish authentic learning conversations

  18. Establish a visible culture of professional learning that is shared with the community

  19. Develop a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and best fit practice through the

        empowerment of students, families, and teachers

  20. Develop a school culture that is child safety focussed both on and off school

        property, during and after school hours.